wind turbines

Faculty members participating in power and energy systems research:

Sahar Azad Kankar Bhattacharya Claudio Canizares Ehab El-Saadany (adjunct) Ramadan El-Shatshat
Shesha Jayaram Mehrdad Kazerani Victor Quintana (adjunct) Magdy Salama John Simpson-Porco

The Power and Energy Systems Group is one of the largest power-research groups in North America covering a wide range expertise - practically all areas of power engineering. The main research sub-areas of concentration are: power systems (including economics, operations, stability, control, dynamics, etc.), power distribution systems, power quality, high voltage engineering, electrical insulation, applications into biotechnology and nanotechnology, power electronics, and drives. In recent years, faculty have been extensively involved in research on integration of distributed generation resources, particularly renewable, with the grid, and various issues on smart grids.

The research group is comprised of faculty members with well-established international reputations. Of the group's core faculty members, most are full professors. The research group members contribute actively within the Waterloo Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE) initiative. The research group has unique research laboratories and computational facilities including a modern equipped High Voltage Laboratory, a Real-time Simulator facility, a Power Electronics Laboratory and large-scale computational facilities in power systems.

Faculty receive large research grants (federal and provincial) and contracts from the power industry. Multiple international collaborations and industrial partnerships have been established by the group's members. In addition, the research group attracts a large body of graduate students to the MEng (Sustainable Energy Certificate) program, the on-line MEng (Electric Power Engineering) program, and the research-based MASc and PhD programs. Over the years, many graduate students have received multiple awards and scholarships, and are well-placed in positions in academia and industry.