About Engineering Computing

Our purpose

To provide leadership in the planning, implementation, co-ordination and use of computing as it pertains to education in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

What we do

Engineering Computing is an academic-support department within the Faculty of Engineering which provides:

  • Leadership in planning, development and support of the Waterloo Nexus computing environment and the faculty computing communications network.
  • Support and co-ordination of information technology support staff activities in the Academic Departments of the faculty.
  • Communication links between the Faculty and other information technology support units across campus.
  • General purpose computing facilities for educational and academic use within the faculty.
  • Specialized laboratory environments, software, and support for courses and course development using computer and communications technologies.

Where to find us

Engineering Computing is located on the 2nd floor of DWE (Room #2513).
Staff member information can be found in our list of contacts.