Computer Labs

Lab Name Location Work­stations Power Receptacles Laptop Stations Scanner Quick Software Listing
Axle E3-1101/1105 24 9 NA No software
Fulcrum E2-1783 12 11 NA No software
Gear E5-2108 64 29 NA Yes software
Helix RCH-108 7 11 7 Yes software
Lever E2-1762 42 17 NA No software
Multi Media CPH-1346 120 N/A NA No software
Pulley CPH-2367 N/A 8 14 Yes NA
Wedge CPH-1325 48 21 NA No software
WEEF E2-1792 140 N/A NA No software
Wheel E2-1779 16 9 NA No software

All labs are running with Windows 10.  Currently, students can use Engterm Windows terminal server for a remote experience.

Each of the above labs contains a black and white printer. Please go to our printing information page to learn more about costs and colour printing.

If you wish to locate a lab with a particular piece of software, please go to our software information page.