Printing and Scanning

Engineering Computing provides a variety of printing and scanning services to users. Information regarding printing, scanning, and troubleshooting/support can be found below.


Printing is available through the campus WPrint Service.
Additional printing support can be found at the Engineering Computing Help Desk (E7-2466).


Scanners are located in the Engineering Computing Help Desk (E7 - 2466), Gear Lab (Engineering 5 - 2108), Helix Lab (Rod Coutts Hall - 108) and Pulley Lab (CPH - 2367).

To scan a document, log onto the computer connected to the scanner, place your document in the scanner, open the desktop application "EPSON Scan" and press the scan button in the application.

For scanning, it is advised that users follow the troubleshooting guide attached to the top of the scanner, which lays out a step-by-step process to solve the majority of scanner problems. It is advised that if the steps do not solve the problem that users go to a different scanner and report the problem to the Engineering Computing Help Desk.