Backing up various clients

There are multiple programs to simplify backup on most computers.

Linux/UNIX backup

The Ubuntu standard backup program is python based duplicity, the GUI front end is deja-dup.

The simple way to setup duplicity is to first attach ecresearch via nautilus so that authentication is already established and make a directory to store your backup. Run the backup program from applications (or "deja-dup --backup"). Under "storage local" pull down "custom location" and then specify the userid and directory such as "smb://". If you look at the running processes while the backup is happening you will see duplicity running with a large number of options on the command line. For a totally hands free implementation you will need to setup ssh keys for authentication.

Windows backup

The default backup program for MS Windows does not support remote samba directories.

Mac OS X

Timemachine is proprietary and designed for hard disk backup or a separate appliance.