Pearl Sullivan Engineering IDEAs Clinic

Bringing Real World Into the Classroom

The Pearl Sullivan Engineering IDEAs Clinic™ supplements a traditional engineering curriculum with open-ended activities designed to spark student self-learning and exploration.

Through IDEAs Clinic activities, students will learn good engineering practices by experimenting with real-world engineering problems; they will gain an appreciation for the connections between courses in their curriculum; they will apply their analysis skills to complex, open-ended problems; and they will exercise their creativity, judgement and problem solving skills while acquiring soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Most importantly, the activities will provide students with a breadth of hands-on experiences in an enjoyable and safe environment.

  1. June 3, 2022A passion for hands-on education
    Dr. Sanjeev Bedi helping 3 students in the classroom

    Sanjeev Bedi (centre) works with students in the IDEAs clinic at Waterloo Engineering.

    By Brian Caldwell. This article was originally published on Waterloo News.

  2. Apr. 9, 2021Feature on the Brock Solutions Industrial Automation Hub
    Picture of 4 belted conveyors in a square with a robotic arm in the centre.

    Brock Solutions Industrial Automation Hub

    The exciting work that the Ideas Clinic has started in the Brock Solutions Industrial Automation Hub was recently featured by Inductive Automation, one of the project partners.  The case study on this innovative industrial partnership in engineering education is available on Inductive Automation's website.

  3. July 13, 2020Collaborative Spaceship Design Day Featured in Waterloo Stories
    Spaceship flying through simulated environment

    Collaborative Spaceship Activity

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