The Engineering IDEAs Clinic

Bringing Real World Into the Classroom

The Engineering IDEAs Clinic™ supplements a traditional engineering curriculum with open-ended activities designed to spark student self-learning and exploration.

Through Ideas Clinic activities, students will learn good engineering practices by experimenting with real-world engineering problems; they will gain an appreciation for the connections between courses in their curriculum; they will apply their analysis skills to complex, open-ended problems; and they will exercise their creativity, judgement and problem solving skills while acquiring soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Most importantly, the activities will provide students with a breadth of hands-on experiences in an enjoyable and safe environment.

  1. Jan. 28, 2019Experimental, risk-taking engineering education environment

    Experimental, risk-taking engineering education environment

    Project testing and much more takes place in the Engineering Ideas Clinic®, a two-storey focal point of the new Engineering 7 building designed for professors from different engineering disciplines to collectively teach theoretical concepts to students through experimental, hands-on learning.

  2. Jan. 15, 2019Keysight Kitchen
    Keysight Kitchen contents, winter 2019

    Are you working on a capstone project, a student team, or a project of your own and are having trouble debugging the electronics?

  3. Jan. 15, 2019Girl Guides Earn Engineering Badges in the Ideas Clinic
    Four girl guides building a zombie capturing device.  photo courtesy of Peter Lee, Waterloo Region Record

    Over the weekend, 300 Girl Guides from four cities met in the Engineering Ideas Clinic in E7 to earn their Engineering badges.  Run by the folks in Engineering Outreach, this sort of hands-on learning is exactly what the Ideas Clinic was built for.  Great job everyone!

    Make sure you check out the full article from The Record: Girl Guides gather at UW to meet challenge, earn engineering badge.

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