The Engineering IDEAs Clinic

Bringing Real World Into the Classroom

The Engineering IDEAs Clinic™ supplements a traditional engineering curriculum with open-ended activities designed to spark student self-learning and exploration.

Through Ideas Clinic activities, students will learn good engineering practices by experimenting with real-world engineering problems; they will gain an appreciation for the connections between courses in their curriculum; they will apply their analysis skills to complex, open-ended problems; and they will exercise their creativity, judgement and problem solving skills while acquiring soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Most importantly, the activities will provide students with a breadth of hands-on experiences in an enjoyable and safe environment.

  1. Nov. 12, 2018Ideas Clinic and Engineering 7 featured in Waterloo Engineering Alumni EletterStudents working on furniture designs

    Waterloo Engineering Alumni E-Letter Feature 

    The November issue of the Waterloo Engineering Alumni E-Letter (eWEAL) had two features on Engineering Ideas Clinic and the exciting hands-on activities we are bringing to our students.  The articles on Architectural Engineering and their implementation of Engineering Design Days, and on

  2. Nov. 5, 2018Globe and Mail feature on Engineering 7Students working with a tutor on their robotic arm.

    Waterloo creates a 'terrarium for robots'

    Author: Peter Nowak

    The Robohub and the Ideas Clinic were featured in a special report in the Globe and Mail.  See the full article on the Globe and Mail's site.

  3. Oct. 29, 2018A place where robots rule

    by Terry Pender Waterloo Region Record

    University of Waterloo’s new engineering building is home to human-centred robotics research

    WATERLOO — Pearl Sullivan is standing inside a room where robots will float above the ground thanks to magnetic levitation technology.

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