Fourth year technical electives are one of the final gates undergraduate students walk through before graduating.  They are one of the final opportunities to prepare students for their future careers, and as such, are incredibly important to both our students, and their instructors.  The Engineering Ideas Clinic supports a number of ambitious technical electives, and are always looking to create new, dynamic courses.

Tech Art: Engineering and Fine Art

Student project from TechArt course

Mekanisk Tradgard (Mechanical Garden): Beverly Zabawskyj (MSCI), Isaac Hunter (SYDE), Christie Shen (FINE), Jodie Tu (FINE), 2017. Photo by Beverly Zabawskyj.

This course is a hands-on introduction to the field of "Tech Art" for 4th year engineering students and upper year fine art students. The main focus is on the conceptual development, design, creation, and critical analysis of "Tech Art", both independently and in multi-disciplinary collaborative teams. Critical analysis skills are developed from both technical and artistic perspectives, including applying the concepts of iterative design and interdisciplinary collaboration through the creation and documentation of two of their own "Tech Art" pieces.

Practical Finite Element Analysis

Finite element simulation of a connecting rod buckling

Connecting Rod Analysis: Braveein Sounthararajan, Lan Phan, Long Vu Nguyen, Kevin Chen (ME 597: Application of FEM)

Finite Element Methods and Analysis (FEM/FEA) have allowed engineers and designers to push the boundaries of what's possible.  From architecture, to aircraft, these methods have irrevocably changed the world we live in.  Exposing students to these methods, and to industrial grade software packages in University will allow them to make the transition to their future careers more quickly and effectively.  The Engineering Ideas Clinic has supported several courses related to FEA, and has partnered with ANSYS Inc to produce accessible learning materials to introduce people to the opportunities FEA provides.