Internal Combustion

Internal combustion engines are one of the most prevalent engineered machines in our society today. Historically, engines allowed for easier and more approachable repair and experimentation. As time has progressed and they have grown more sophisticated, the risk of expensive damage has deterred students from this exploration.

Andrew Trivett explaining the engine components to students.Overview

In the engine dissection lab, the students are given an opportunity to take apart a 4-stroke, single cylinder engine to investigate its components and inner workings. This is a two-part activity which ultimately requires functional re-assembly of the engine that is demonstrated by measuring the efficiency of the running engine.

Course Connections

The engines used in this activity are also used in upper year courses to study manufacturing processes, slider crank mechanisms, heat transfer cycles and Pressure-Volume plots. This engine provides a direct link between courses across several years of the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering curriculums.