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Head shot of Chris Rennick

Chris Rennick

Engineering Educational Developer

Chris Rennick comes to the IDEAs Clinic from the First Year Engineering Office where he helped first year engineering students with electric circuits and programming courses.  He comes with a breadth of technical expertise, creativity in development, and experience. 

Headshot of Sanjeev Bedi, PhD

Sanjeev Bedi, PEng

Director and Professor

Sanjeev Bedi, founder of the Engineering IDEAs Clinic and NSERC Chair in Immersive Design Engineering Activities (IDEAs), is well known for his energy, mentorship and connectivity with students.

profile picture from the shoulders and up

Victoria Alderson

Administrative Assistant

Victoria started working at the University of Waterloo in 2012 where she came from the School of Optometry having a diploma in Medical Office Administration. Then moved to Engineering, with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering where she worked with faculty, staff, and students in an administrative role.

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