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Chris Rennick comes to the IDEAs Clinic from the First Year Engineering Office where he helped first year engineering Head shot of Chris Rennickstudents with electric circuits and programming courses.  He comes with a breadth of technical expertise, creativity in development, and experience. 

Chris is accountable for functional leadership in the implementation of Engineering Ideas Clinic Activities throughout the Faculty of Engineering; development, refinement, and assessment of activities; liaising with faculty instructors, graduate student teaching and research assistants, industrial contacts, and other key stakeholders; participating in internal and external committees; and management of Ideas Clinic space and co-op student staff.

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  • Current, PhD Student, Management Sciences, University of Waterloo
  • 2009, Master of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Windsor
  • 2007, Bachelor of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Windsor

Selected Publications

  • C. Rennick, C.C.W. Hulls, K.N. McKay, "Introductory Engineering Decision-Making: Guiding First Year Students to Relativism in Software Design," IEEE Transactions on Education, 2019.
  • C.C.W. Hulls, C. Rennick, "Design of a First-Year Programming Course with Cornerstone Project," IEEE Transactions on Education, 2020.
  • A. Hurst, C. Rennick, S. Bedi, “A ‘lattice’ approach to design education: Bringing real and integrated design experience to the classroom through Engineering Design Days” in Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED19), Delft, The Netherlands, 2019.
  • A. Giannikouris, C. Rennick, “An Integrative Project in Microprocessor Interfaces,” in Proceedings of the 2019 CEEA Annual Conference, Ottawa, June 2019.
  • M. Robinson, C. Hulls, C. Rennick, “One-a-day Problems for Improving Student Learning and Study Habits,” in Proceedings of the 2019 CEEA Annual Conference, Ottawa, June 2019.
  • C. Rennick, K. N. McKay, “Componential Theories of Creativity: A Case Study of Teaching Creative Problem Solving,” in Proceedings of the 2018 CEEA Annual Conference, Vancouver, June 2018.
  • C. Rennick, D. Wright, E. Li, C. Hulls, A. Milne, S. Bedi, “Engineering Design Days: Engaging Students with Authentic Problem-Solving in an Academic Hackathon,” in Proceedings of the 2018 ASEE Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, June 2018.
University of Waterloo

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