About the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS)

The School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS) is a recognized leader in bringing together people who have the vision, commitment, skills and knowledge needed to protect, restore, reform and transform the social and ecological systems that we all depend on. Our faculty and students are united by a desire to work towards a sustainable future. We are distinctive and successful because of our commitment to transdisciplinary teaching, learning and research:

  • We’re focused on ecologically and socially significant issues at scales ranging from the community to the globe.
  • We work within, between and across disciplines and ways of knowing; the knowledge we draw on comes from many sources, perspectives, fields and disciplines rather than just one.
  • We work closely with the people who are affected by the issues that concern us to make sure our work is relevant and effective.

Our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise in areas such as environmental governance, impact assessment, wildlife ecology, ecosystem restoration, and water, food and energy sustainability.

Our graduates are valued by employers across the public and private sectors. The skills and knowledge they’ve gained through studying in SERS allow them to understand how human societies are embedded in, and dependent on, the natural world.

Experiential learning is a defining feature of our programs. Through hands-on learning in classes, co-op, field work, and research projects, SERS undergraduate students learn how to draw on and use knowledge from diverse fields and sources. Our graduate students work closely with faculty who are deeply engaged with real world problem solving.

Waterloo's Green Office, Gold Certified logo

Within the university SERS participates in the Green Office program led by the Sustainability Office. At the latest ranking, SERS achieved gold status.

In SERS, we believe it’s possible to navigate to a sustainable future. Our mission is to help chart the course. We look forward to having you join us.