ERS offers two plans of study leading to a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) degree in Environment, Resources and Sustainability (ERS):

In addition, for students who are considering a Master's Plan of study, ERS offers an Accelerated Master's Program

ERS requires six items to graduate:

  • English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE) milestone
  • 40 courses total, or 20.0 units
  • ERS core course requirements (7.5 units)
  • 7 ERS/ENVS core electives (7 courses/3.5 units) where 5 courses/2.5 units must be labelled ERS.  The plan allows for 18 courses/9 units of  'free' electives of your choice, which can be taken from all disciplines starting in first term.  Free electives can be used for specializing your ERS degree. 
  • 27/40 courses above 100-level (the plan allows for 13 courses at 100-level)
  • Averages of 65% overall and 70% major

Students in ERS Honours Co-op Plan must also fulfill:

  • 4 successful work term placements
  • 4 Professional Development (PD) courses
  • 4 successful work term reports, due after every work term placement

Degree 'average requirements' are the same whether you're in the ERS Honours Regular Plan or ERS Honours Co-op Plan. ERS major average must be 70% and overall (all courses) average must be 65% every term. Averages always must include all courses on record. 

Note that ERS core courses are unique to this plan of study and therefore, we will normally not permit core course credit for courses taken at another institution. Students wishing to go on exchange or study elsewhere should plan to stay longer to finish their ERS requirements, or adjust their schedules to ensure they are on campus for core course offerings in the term that they are available. ERS core courses are generally offered once per year in a particular term.

English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE)

The ELPE milestone is a requirement for all students. This milestone must be completed by the end of 2B term. A grade of 65% or higher in ERS 101 fulfills this milestone. A grade below 65% in ERS 101 will require the student to enroll in and achieve 65% in one of the following courses:

Joint Honours with ERS

Students from other plans wishing to do a joint honours degree with ERS as the second major should refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for the requirements for Joint Honours in ERS.

Accelerated Master's Program for senior ERS students

Excellent students in SERS can apply for admission to the Accelerated Master's Program.  This program allows students in their final year of study to begin graduate study alongside their final undergraduate course requirements.  Apply for this program in 3rd year.  Ideally, students should strive to make space in their final academic year  to accommodate a graduate course in each term.   See this link for more information on the Accelerated Master's Program for SERS students.

Curriculum checklists for current students

In Fall 2017, SERS instituted a new undergraduate curriculum. To see how this affects you as a current student who entered SERS before Fall 2017, see the your revised curriculum checklist below. These lists all show the courses under the new number and display the old number in brackets. To graduate, refer to your checklist from the year you started.  Important:  Core courses are offered once per year in a particular term - it is important to check ahead with your academic advisor about availability of core course offerings in case there are changes. 

Below are lists of required core courses and the terms in which you should take them. Students who entered SERS before Fall 2017 should refer to their particular checklist above.

Here are the requirements for students beginning in SERS in Fall 2020

  • Honours Regular Plan for students beginning ERS in Fall 2020
  • Honours Co-op Plan for students beginning ERS in Fall 2020