Our graduate programs in social and ecological sustainability are problem-driven. That means we focus on big challenges, and then we decide what ideas, tools and skills we need to solve those challenges.

Our graduate programs are also flexible. In SERS, you'll have the opportunity to follow your passion while building the skills and experiences youll need to make the world a better place and to advance your career goals.

The MES program can be taken with the Thesis option or with the Masters Research Paper (MRP) option, depending on your interests. Our PhD program is focused on producing the next generation of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholars and applied researchers.

And for those with a particular interest in water issues, both our MES and PhD programs can be combined with an integrated water program option. SERS is a core participant in the University of Waterloos Collaborative Water Program (CWP), which is coordinated and supported by the Water Institute. Students in the MES and PhD program may combine a SERS graduate program with the CWP program requirements to receive a masters or PhD degree in Social and Ecological Sustainability plus the Water designation.

If you are a current undergraduate in SERS, you can get a head start on your masters degree. The MES accelerated option can be directed towards either the thesis and MRP programs, and can also include the Water option.

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