Alumni and Friends

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We are always interested in the achievements and milestones of our students once they graduate. We hope that alumni will keep in touch with us and with fellow graduates.

University of Waterloo's Alumni Relations provides many services to alumni, including:

  • UWaterloo e-community and email forwarding for life
  • Benefits and perks, such as life-long learning, discounts, and UWaterloo merchandises
  • Alumni publications
  • Career advising
  • Events

Find out what SERS alumns have to say about the school

AmandaAmanda Chouinard plans to pursue a career working with businesses and/or communities to make progress towards sustainability.

StephanieStephanie Cote is currently the Water Conservation Programs Coordinator, Water Services, Environmental Services in the City of Guelph


CarolynCarolyn Mann published her ERS 411 thesis in the journal Water Resources Management. Her undergraduate research was on risk perceptions of urban flooding in Toronto.

NeepaNeepa Chakraborti recently earned a Masters degree and is moving into the next phase of her career.


EmilyEmily Wong is currently completing her teaching degree at the University of Ottawa.