Derek Armitage

  • Human dimensions of environmental change
  • Adaptive and collaborative governance in coastal and marine systems
  • Coastal conservation and social-ecological systems

Christine Barbeau

  • First Nations, adaptive capacity, resilience and climate change
  • Local and sustainable agriculture in Arctic Indigenous communities

Andrea Collins

  • Gender and environmental governance
  • Global land and agricultural governance

Simon Courtenay

  • Aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cumulative effects assessment

Rob de Loë

  • Water and environmental governance
  • Water resources management

Brad Fedy

  • Wildlife ecology and management
  • Landscape genetics

Robert Gibson

  • Environmental assessment law and process reform
  • Sustainability assessment principles and applications

Brendon Larson

  • Re-conceptualizing conservation, parks and invasive species for the Anthropocene
  • Social dimensions of biodiversity conservation and climate change

    Dan McCarthy

    • Managing complex social-ecological systems in peri-urban and remote First Nations communities

    Stephen Murphy

    • Ecological restoration, resilience and conservation
    • Ecology and policy of parks and protected areas
    • Pollination and invasive species ecology 

    James Nugent

    • Social movements, environmental/climate justice, just transition
    • Urban political ecology and green economic development
    • Community-based/participatory research

    Maren Oelbermann

    • Sustainable agriculture and climate change resilience
    • Soil health, biochar, carbon sequestration

    Stephen Quilley

    • Environmental politics and non-rational drivers of behaviour
    • Maker culture and consumer society
    • Social innovation and complex social-ecological systems

    Ian Rowlands

    • Energy governance and policy
    • Sustainable energy strategies

    Andrew Trant

    • Global change ecology
    • Biogeography and forest ecology
    • Historical ecology

    Sarah Wolfe

    • Social-psychological dimensions of water decisions
    • Water scarcity, drought and efficiency mechanisms
    • Identity, spirituality and ritual in water decisions