Leah Jones-Crank

Assistant Professor
Leah Jones-Crank

519-888-4567, ext. 41837
Environment 2, room 2021A

Leah Jones-Crank is an Assistant Professor in Environment, Resources, and Sustainability. As an interdisciplinary sustainability scholar, her research explores collaborative governance within the food-energy-water nexus for improved management, governance, and decision-making for integrated resource management and sustainability. She examines how such collaborative governance approaches can improve pathways to address challenges of drought and water stress in the face of climate change. Her work employs a variety of social science methods, including stakeholder engagement, case study investigation, institutional analysis, and qualitative inquiry. She focuses on urban spaces and has fieldwork experience in cities in the Southwestern US, South Africa, and Singapore.

The goal of Leah’s research program seeks to advance knowledge on cross-sectoral and nexus governance approaches and on how such collaborative governance connects to environmental and management outcomes, using interdisciplinary approaches. This research supports efforts for moving collaborative resource governance from theory to practice.