Environment, Resources and Sustainability

The School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS) is a student-centred learning environment: We are committed to small class sizes, one-on-one discussions with professors and interest-driven independent projects.

With the flexibility our Environment, Resources and Sustainability program offers, you can focus on topics of personal interest because the problems and opportunities we work on are diverse. Current areas of interest and strength that define our teaching and research include the sustainability of resources (e.g., foodlands, fresh water, coastal zones, energy, wildlife); ecosystem conservation and restoration; environmental politics and behavior; and sustainability policy and governance. We work at all scales, e.g., from local food to global food trade, and from community greening to planetary climate.

Whatever your interest, through our program you will develop and refine the skills you'll need to ask the hard questions about environmental problems and possible solutions.

SERS graduates have one thing in common: They are successful.

Contact: Patricia Bester
Undergraduate Program Advisor

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