SERS Alumn Q&A — Carolyn Mann

Carolyn Mann published her ERS 411 thesis in the journal Water Resources Management. Her undergraduate research was on risk perceptions of urban flooding in Toronto.

Carolyn Mann

What years were you at SERS?

I was in the SERS program from 2011-2014, after switching into the program from International Development.

What degree did you complete in SERS?

Honours Environment and Resources Studies BES.

What was your favourite thing about your program/time at SERS?

I loved the interdisciplinary perspective of the SERS program – looking at human/environment issues from the perspectives of social sciences, natural sciences and policy analysis is a skill that I have used time and again. It’s something that’s not taught in a lot of university programs.

What was your favourite course and/or learning experience (and why?) in SERS?

Although I enjoyed the courses, my most valuable learning experience in SERS happened outside the classroom. I had the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant with Dr Sarah Wolfe, and I learned so much through the process of designing, conducting and publishing a research study.

What are you doing now that is meaningful to you?

I’m now finishing up a Master of Science (Agriculture) at Dalhousie University, where I’ve been researching farmers’ perceptions and methods for assessing soil health on their farms. I am also doing research with Dr Kate Sherren on farmers’ capacity for decision-making in the face of complex problems.

If applicable, how did what you learned/experienced in SERS assist with what you are doing now?

My experience in SERS has allowed me to pursue an interdisciplinary Master’s project in a way that I wouldn't have been able to do without the research experience from my undergrad. Being able to consider a wide range of issues from different perspectives and communicate with experts in a variety of disciplines is hugely valuable.