SERS Alumn Q&A - Catherine Christoffersen

Catherine Christoffersen completed her Honours Co-op, Bachelor in Environment in 2014.  She currently volunteers with a non-profit organization that advocates for safer bicycling policies.

Catherine Christoffersen

What years were you at SERS?


What degree did you complete in SERS?

Honours Co-op Environment and Resources Studies, Minor in English Language and Literature

What was your favourite thing about your program/time at SERS?

SERS has a strong sense of community. My classmates were passionate about environmental and social issues, but because SERS is a flexible program, my classmates studied a wide variety of courses, and I learned a lot from their diverse knowledge and perspectives.

What was your favourite course and/or learning experience (and why?) in SERS?

I really enjoyed studying ecological economics. It is a completely different way of looking at economies; it changed how I understand economies and the way they can function.

What are you doing now that is meaningful to you?

I volunteer with a non-profit organization that advocates for safer bicycling policies. Transportation is a public policy and political issue with implications for community health and climate change. We work with politicians, city staff, and other community groups to help create a safer, more welcoming local bicycling network.

If applicable, how did what you learned/experienced in SERS assist with what you are doing now?

The interdisciplinary knowledge I learned in SERS is really useful when working in public policy. SERS gave me a foundation in governance, economics, law, philosophy, statistics, and research methods, as well as the problem-solving skills to create solutions to complex issues. SERS helped me understand different perspectives in the policy process which lets me collaborate with diverse stakeholders like policy-makers, community members, and urban planners.