SERS Alumn Q&A - Mariah Smith

Mariah Smith completed her Bachelor of Environmental Studies in 2019.  She is hoping to work as a Water Resource Analyst and consult with the Inuit communit in Nunavut.

Mariah Smith

What years were you at SERS?


What degree did you complete in SERS?

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (with Co-op) with a Minor in Psychology

What was your favourite thing about your program/time at SERS?

Meeting like minded people who were also passionate about the environment.

What was your favourite course and/or learning experience (and why?) in SERS?

Any of my field courses that I did in the summer of 2016. I loved ERS 283: Ontario Natural History: Species and Patterns, ERS 340: Ecosystem Assessment, and ERS 382: Ecological Monitoring. So awesome to get some hands-on practical experience and meet so many incredible people.

What are you doing now that is meaningful to you?

I will hopefully be working for the Federal government working as a Water Resource Analysist. I get to help do some consultation with the Inuit community in Nunavut and help design the water management strategy in Nunavut. I will also leave this program more informed and work to get involved in tackling different environmental problems.

If applicable, how did what you learned/experienced in SERS assist with what you are doing now?

I will be able to use my interdisciplinary skills to deal with a variety of tasks in the workplace. I am confident in communicating environmental issues to the public and have learned that there are many different perspectives and strategies when trying to complete a task or solve a problem. Also, I have built a network of friends, professors, and colleagues that I can reach out to when I need some advice.