SERS celebrates our newest PhD cohort

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Yesterday, the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability celebrated the remarkable accomplishments of our 2023 graduates. Among this group of individuals were four doctoral (PhD) graduands, who have proven their extraordinary level of academic aptitude and become subject-matter experts in areas such as environmental policy, ecological restoration, and politics and practice of sustainability. Some of our newest doctoral alumni include:

Dr. Emmanuel A. Badewa

Dr. Emmanuel A. Badewa’s research interests focus on managing soil and water resources in various landscapes to address concerns of climate change, sustainability, human health and well-being. His research areas span a wide range of topics including social science and security, organic waste management and socio-ecological sustainability.  

His research has been published in several journals including the Canadian Journal of Soil Science, Frontiers in Environmental Science and World Journal of Agriculture and Social Science. After graduation, Badewa hopes to continue collaborating with professionals in his field from different sectors in order to influence development.

Dr. Ignacio Aguilar

Dr. Ignacio Aguilar’s interested in strengthening official sustainability assessment efforts in plans, projects, and initiatives in different human sectors. Particularly, he has researched how to better design electrical energy systems to maximize their positive contributions to attaining sustainability objectives. His research on transforming electrical energy systems has been submitted for publication.

Aguilar is looking forward to apply his knowledge and research skills acquired during his PhD as a professional and contribute to transforming energy systems towards delivering opportunity for more sustainable futures for all.

Once again, congratulations!