Chantel Markle

Assistant Professor
Chantel Markle

519-888-4567, ext. 40533
Environment 2, room 2046A

Chantel Markle is a wildlife ecohydrologist and conservation biologist with expertise in the protection and management of threatened wildlife and wild spaces. She specializes in interdisciplinary and collaborative research, integrating a combination of spatial and landscape ecology, GIS, remote sensing, and hydrology approaches to drive evidence-based decision making in wildlife management and environmental policy.

The goal of Chantel’s interdisciplinary research program is to advance our knowledge and understanding of the spatiotemporal effects of climate change disturbances (e.g., wildfire, drought, weather whiplash) on the resilience and vulnerability of threatened wildlife and their habitats. This collaborative research supports evidence-based policies for the conservation and management of healthy reptile populations and habitat.

Her three main research themes include:

  • Effects of climate-mediated disturbances on habitat use and function
  • Climate refugia: Detecting and predicting change
  • Habitat restoration: Enhancing resilience to climate change

Chantel is cross appointed to the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability and the Department of Geography and Environmental Management.