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Update on graduate student financial support

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Effective May 1, 2024, the minimum funding rate for eligible graduate students in a PhD program and graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) and graduate Research Assistants (RAs) will see an annual increase of 4.5%. 

Each year, the Graduate Student Relations Committee (GSRC) expands its membership to include additional students, faculty leaders, and university administrators for a holistic review of graduate student support levels. During the 2023/2024 annual cycle, the committee was co-chaired by Neela Hassan, President, Graduate Student Association, University of Waterloo (GSA-UW), and Jeff Casello, Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.  

Through its work, the committee engaged in open and productive conversations on motivations for student funding, the determination of appropriate levels, and the challenges associated with forecasting changes in costs experienced by graduate students at Waterloo. Additional details about the process of how the values and rates are determined can be reviewed on the minimum funding levels – annual review process web page.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of GSRC, particularly those who join and contribute to this critical issue.  To our students, I offer my most sincere thanks for their thoughtful contributions and engagement. On behalf of the university, I reiterate our ongoing commitment to adapt processes, as necessary, to continue to grow confidence in the outcomes.”

JEFF CASELLO, Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs

The committee made the 4.5% increase recommendation on several factors, including previous and expected changes in students’ costs, as well as the limiting impacts of the previous Bill 124. The new minimum doctoral rate is available on the GSPA minimum funding web page, reflecting the new University of Waterloo’s guaranteed minimum funding for eligible doctoral students in good academic standing; effective May 1, 2024, the minimum will be $27,130 (up from $25,962 in 2023/2024). The Research Assistant (RA) and Teaching Assistant (TA) rates are updated on GSPA’s TA/RA web page.

Should you have questions about the new rates, which go into effect May 1, 2024, reach out to your graduate studies program contact.  

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