Clean Room/Analytical Laboratory

This facility is a Class 10,000 clean room for the purpose of trace element analyses. Sample preparation areas are protected by HEPA-filtered laminar flow systems, providing Class 100 conditions to minimize contamination when handling and preparing samples. Multiple high-performance analytical instruments for analysis of trace elements, trace element speciation, non-traditional stable isotope ratios and trace emerging contaminants. Instruments housed within the clean room include: an inductively-coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) and a quadrupole ICP mass spectrometer (Q-ICP-MS) for quantification of dissolved constituents; a high-resolution ICP-MS (HR-ICP-MS) for trace metal analyses; a multi-collector ICP-MS (MC-ICP-MS) for non-traditional stable isotope analysis; a high-performance liquid chromatography - liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (HPLC-LCMS) for perchlorate analysis; an ion chromatography system (IC) for metalloid speciation (arsenic and selenium); a total mercury analyzer; and a laser ablation system.


Thermo iCAP

Thermo iCAP 6500 Duo ICP-OES

  • rapid, stable analysis of major elements
  • high performance CID detector, wavelength range of 166 – 847 nm
  • improved detection limit resulting from radial and axial viewing positions
Thermo X Series 2

Thermo XSeries 2 Q-ICP-MS

  • quadrupole inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer with Collision Cell Technology
  • trace level elemental analysis
  • simultaneous analog/PC detector provides >8 orders of dynamic range
  • Peltier cooler for increased sensitivity
Thermo Element

Thermo Element 2 HR-ICP-MS

  • double focusing magnetic sector field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
  • multi-elemental detector with the speed to handle transient signals
  • high-resolution mode to eliminate polyatomic interferences
  • ESI PC3 Peltier cooler for increased sensitivity
Thermo Neptune

Thermo Neptune MC-ICP-MS

  • high-performance multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
  • capable of high-precision isotope ratio analysis from Li to U
  • moveable Faraday cup array for simultaneous measurement of up to 9 isotopes, flat-top peaks for maximum precision
  • ESI apex Q desolvating nebulizer for high sensitivity and low background
  • CETAC HGX-200 hydride generation and cold vapour system for analysis of Se and Hg isotopes
photon machines laser ablation system

Photon Machines Analyte.193 Laser Ablation System

  • 193 nm ultra-short ATLex 300si excimer laser
  • < 4ns pulse length, 1-300 Hz repetition rate
  • live sample map for rapid navigation of samples
  • integration with Element 2 ICP-MS or Neptune MC-ICP-MS for elemental analysis of solid samples
Dionex ion chromatography system

Dionex ICS-3000

  • Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography (RFIC) system
  • AS autosampler handles both simultaneous and sequential injection, and automated dilutions
  • reproducible and accurate results (RSDs < 0.3%)
  • analysis of arsenic and selenium speciation


  • 4000 QTrap LC/MS/MS System (Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex)
  • Agilent 1100 Series Liquid Chromatography system containing a binary pump with a degasser, and a well-plate autosampler
  • Eclipse XDB-C18, 4.5-150 mm, 5 um Agilent analytical column
  • Analysis of emerging contaminants including perchlorate and pharmaceutical compounds in water
  • Efficient ionization and superior ion sampling of the interface result in excellent sensitivity, very low detection limits
total mercury analyser

Total Mercury Analyser

  • Automated Tekran 2600 Mercury Analysis System
  • Fully-integrated cold-vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (CVAFS)
  • Most stable, sensitive, ultra-trace mercury analyzer available today (MDL <0.05 ng L-1)
  • Allows total mercury analysis in laboratory prepared environmental samples
  • Capable of interfacing to MC-ICP-MS to yield isotopic ratios for mercury

Sample preparation facilities

  • Auto-diluters
  • Laminar flow provides Class 100 air quality on lab bench
  • HEPA-filtered laminar flow fume hoods
  • HEPA-filtered laminar flow drying hood
  • MilliQ water system
  • Vacuum manifold setup for ion exchange purification of samples for metal isotope analysis
  • Savillex still for in-house purification of concentrated hydrochloric acid