Groundwater Remediation Laboratory

This fully serviced laboratory is used for treatability tests to evaluate the removal of dissolved metals and metalloids in groundwater from mining, industrial and municipal sites.

The treatability tests involve the use of bench scale flow-through column tests to identify reactive materials and mixtures that may be suitable for use in a full-scale PRB. The treatment promotes the removal of dissolved contaminants under natural groundwater flow conditions.

Sample preparation

  • Coy Anaerobic Chambers for operation of remediation processing involving anoxic reactions such as sulphate reduction reactions

Coy Anaerobic Chambers

  • Dionex Ion Chromatography Systems for the analysis of aqueous anion species

Dionex Ion Chromatography Systems

  • Hamilton diluters used during samples preparation stages

Hamilton diluters

  • Balances for reagent and standard preparation


  • Water Purifier Systems for reagent preparation

Water Purifier Systems

  • Hach Portable Spectrophotometers for the analysis of hydrogen sulfide, phosphate, ammonia, volatile organic acid, iron, manganese, chromium

Hach Portable Spectrophotometers

  • pH, Eh, meters for the analysis of pH and Eh of water samples

pH, Eh, meters

  • Fume hoods

Fume hoods

  • Benchtop Mini Pal 4 Panalytical XRF for the analysis of sample by dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis

benchtop mini PAL panalytical XRF

  • Cold Storage Room (Walk –in Freezer) for storage water and solid samples

Cold storage