Thirtieth Annual Symposium on polymer science/engineering

Symposium documents

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Presentations Documents

Mark Ingratta, Chemistry, Waterloo (Winner of 2007 Institute for Polymer Research (IPR) Award for Academic Excellence in Polymer Science/Engineering)

End-to-end vs. random intra-chain segment encounters.
A fluorescence study.

Presentation (PDF)

Professor Michael Tam, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Design of polymeric nanostructures for chemical and biomedical applications.

Presentation (PDF)

Joy Cheng, Chamical Engineering, Waterloo

Tentile strain hardening test indicator of environmental stress cracking resistance of high density polyethylene.

Presentation (PDF)

Estanislao Ortiz Rodriguez, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo
(Winner of 2007 IPR Award for Academic Excellence in Polymer Science/Engineering)

Scaling-up a reactive extrusion operation.

Presentation (PDF)

Ahmad Alshaiban, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Active site identification and mathmatical modeling of polypropylene made with Ziegler-Natta catalysts.

Presentation (PDF)

Anthony Shin, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Ethylene-acrylonitrile copolymerization with Ni-diimine/Ethylaluminium Sesquichloride (EASC)/Clay catalyst system.

Presentation (PDF)

Mike Fowler, Chemistry, Waterloo

Determination of pH-ionization behavior for a series of amphiphilic polypeptides.

Presentation (PDF)

Christine Keyes, Chemistry, Waterloo

Electronic transfer in DNA: a fluorescence blob model approach.

Presentation (PDF)

Howard Siu, Chemistry, Waterloo

Rheology under the microscope: tracking changes of a networked associative polymer under shear at the molecular level.

Presentation (PDF)

Michelle Zhou, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Kinetic studies of nitroxide mediated radical polymerization of styrene with a unimolecular initiator.

Presentation (PDF)

Woosung Jung, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Studies on chemical heterogeneity of multi-component polymers: sequence length distributions.

Presentation (PDF)

Hafiz Azam, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson

Polystyrene based ion-exchange resin for protein bioseparation in a novel fluidized system 

Poster (PDF)

Yashar Behjat / Joy Cheng, Civil Engineering / Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Relationship between environmental stress cracking resistance and creep properties in polyethylene

Poster (PDF)

Md Zia-Ul Islam, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson

Modeling of infrared drying of polymer solution 

Poster (PDF)

Chandramouli Madhuranthakam / Ian Washington, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Dynamic modeling and optimization of acrylonitrile / butadiene (NBR) emulsion copolymerization in a continuous reactor train 

Poster (PDF)

Mohammad Meysami, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Devulcanization of recycled tire rubber through processing with supercritical CO2 

Poster (PDF)

Afsaneh Nabifar, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Optimal Bayesian design of experiments applied to complex polymerization processes

Poster (PDF)

Amir Sani, Chemical Engineering, Ryerson

Acrylic polymers surface graft copolymerization with acetylated bacterial cellulose nanofibres

Poster (PDF)

Andy Sun, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Formation of poly(vinylidene fluoride) hollows fiber membranes: kinetic and thermodynamic investigations 

Poster (PDF)

Ian Washington, Chemical Engineering, Waterloo

Simulation studies of the emulsion copolymerization of acrylonitrile (AN)/butadiene (Bd) in batch/continuous and trains of continuous reactors 

Poster (PDF)