Assistive devices in the Library

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About assistive devices

  • Assist people in performing every day tasks such as moving, communicating, reading, or lifting
  • Extension of person's personal space
    • don't touch, lean on, or move device without permission
  • Part or all can be given to person(s) with whom interacting to assist with task performance, e.g.:

Examples of assistive devices:

  • wheelchairs
  • walkers
  • laptops with screen-reading or communicating software
  • teletypewriters (TTY)
    • enables telephone-like communication using text.
    • calls placed to or from non-TTY user can be made via Bell Relay service — specially trained operators, available at all times

Our commitment

We are committed to serving people with disabilities who use assistive devices to obtain, use or benefit from our goods, services, and/or facilities. We will ensure that designated staff members are trained and familiar with library-supported assistive devices that may be used by customers while accessing our goods, services, and/or facilities. 

Students with assistive device use in their AccessAbility Services and/or Library Accessibility Services (LAS) accommodation plans have access to a number of devices available at the the Dana Porter Library's Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC) and Circulation services.

Staff and faculty with identified needs through Occupational Health Services are also welcome to use these assistive devices.

Please contact Library Accessibility Services via AskUs for more information, or to sign out any of our devices, including: 

Pocketalker PRO

  • personal amplification device to improve hearing
  • ideal for one-on-one conversations
  • two devices at ATC; 2 devices available at Circulation desk

UbiDuo 2

  • ideal tool to facilitate face-to-face interaction where typing conversation easiest way to communicate
  • allows individuals to chat in real time on wireless machines
  • one device available at Circulation desk

Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling QuietComfort 25 headphones

  • advanced noise reduction technology providing exceptional elimination of intrusive outside noise and aural distractions 
  • four pairs available at Circulation desk

Pebble HD hand-held magnifiers

  • especially useful for browsing Library's collections (magnifying call numbers on books)
  • two magnifiers available at Circulation desk

Simeon soundfield (PDF)

  • portable device that amplifies person’s voice
  • Library's Simeon 500WU Duo model allows for two presenters to broadcast over sound system at once
  • available at Library Technology and Facilities Services office, room 320 — book well ahead of time

Note: This device intended only for staff/faculty use in classrooms and instruction sessions.