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ATC update

Intake meeting

About ATC

Open and private study areas

Other ATC features

Accessibility features outside ATC

ATC update

Effective winter term 2020, the Adaptive Technology Centre is open to all students with accessibility needs.

If you think you may benefit from what the Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC) and/or Library Accessibility Services (LAS) have to offer, please contact:

The ATC is located in the Dana Porter Library, main floor, room 251.

Intake meeting

After you contact us, we'll get back to you within two business days with a meeting date.

Meetings can happen either in person, via virtual meeting, or by phone.

  • LAS staff offer office hours Monday-Friday between 9am and 3pm, by appointment or drop-in. Visti us in the ATC, room 251C

All students who make contact will receive a meeting offer.

Meeting procedure:

  1. ATC/LAS orientation
  2. Students fill out LAS Request Form in advance
    • Note: disability disclosure not required; plays no role in decision to create LAS accommodation plan
  3. Library staff works with student to create LAS accommodation plan
    • Note: process may take more than one meeting

About ATC


  • Main (second) floor of the Dana Porter Library at the back, room 251

  • Wayfinding sign on pillar to right of Help desk

  • Follow the long, black mat all the way to the accessible entrance


  • Fully accessible, quiet, scent-free space with open and private study areas
  • Computers equipped with assistive software
  • "The Rest Stop" (most comfortable chair on campus)
  • Open during all library hours


  • Quiet Space: be respectful of others — do not disturb their concentration
  • No cell phone use
  • No hot or aromatic food
  • No scented products like perfume or after shave

Open and private study areas

Open study areas

Six workstations available on first come-first served basis:

  • Electronically adjustable table and ergonomic chair at each workstation
  • Large format monitors with HDMI and USB-C cables to plug PC or Mac laptops into
  • 2 Computer workstations equipped with:

Private study areas

Study rooms A and B in ATC

Study rooms A and B guidelines indiacte they are meant for students who:

  • Require individual, silent study
  • Use or require screen reader and/or voice to text assistive technology
  • Use a tutor

Study rooms A and B features:

  • Electronically-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs
  • Computers with Internet access

  • Large format monitors with HDMI and USB-C cables to plug PC or Mac laptops into

  • Microsoft Office
  • Flatbed scanners/printers (scans and prints different types of media)
  • Whiteboards
  • Same assistive software as computer workstations, in addition to:

Other ATC features

  • Merlin HD OCR video magnifier 
  • 12 term-use lockers
    • Reserved for students who have met with LAS staff and are registered to use LAS materials 
    • Available on first come-first served basis
      • keys are checked out at Circulation desk. Keys must be returns at the end of the term. Failure to return keys will result in fines and privilages being revoked

Accessibility features outside ATC

Dana Porter Library Circulation desk area:

Note: these assistive devices can be loaned only to students or staff/facultywith approval from LAS staff

Third floor

Sixth floor

Davis Centre Library

Witer Learning Resource Centre

  • Two height-adjustable workstations with computer terminals
  • Headsets
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Group study rooms with computer and plug in for laptops could be booked by persons with disabilities for study space if extra room was required for assistive devices or audio access necessary

Adaptive Technology Centre entranceAdaptive Technology Centre workstationsAdaptive Technology Centre workstationAdaptive Technology Centre study room AAdaptive Technology Centre study room B

Student reading her braille document while sitting on the most comfortable chair on campus. Her guide dog is at her feet.