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Our locations

Please do not use scooters, bikes, inline skates or skateboards within library spaces. Folding scooters can be carried into buildings, but otherwise scooters that don’t fold and bikes must be locked-up outside.

Located at the centre of campus, this location offers resources for the arts, humanities, social sciences and houses government publications. Find what you’re looking for with the Library's clickable floor plans.

  • Special Collections & Archives includes the Doris Lewis Reading Room and the University of Waterloo archives. Located on the first floor, it houses material that requires special care and handling because of early publication date, association interest, physical condition, aesthetic value or unusual format.
  • Geospatial Centre houses print maps, aerial photographs and atlases on the third floor. The centre also provides geographic information system (GIS) data and computer workstations.

The Dana Porter Library also houses Library Accessibility Services, Library Office and Browsers Café.

Davis Centre Library

The Davis Centre Library houses resources for engineering, mathematics, and science. Find what you’re looking for with the Library's clickable floor plans.

Musagetes Architecture Library

The Musagetes Architecture Library is located within the School of Architecture in Cambridge, and houses one of Canada's most outstanding collections of rare books on architecture and design.

Witer Learning Resource Centre

The Witer Learning Resource Centre (WLRC) is located within the School of Optometry and Vision Science and houses resources on the fields of optometry and vision science.

TriUniversity Group (TUG) Annex

The TUG Annex is a repository for resources from all TUG libraries. Resources from this facility can be delivered to any location.

Affiliated libraries

Other campus libraries

Book delivery

By placing a request for an item, you can have many library materials delivered to any of our locations, including:

We also offer delivery services for students on work term and students taking online courses.

Dana Porter Library

Dana Porter Library

William G. Davis Computer Research Centre

Davis Centre Library, in the William G. Davis Computer Research Centre

School of Architecture

Musagetes Architecture Library, in the School of Architecture, Cambridge

Optometry building

Witer Learning Resource Centre, in the School of Optometry