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At the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus we offer an experiential education style that accelerates knowledge and innovation by bringing together students, researchers, industry, and entrepreneurs to advance digital media technology and creative application.

  1. Mar. 28, 2017RECREATE project wins digital arts showcase at University of Waterloo Stratford campusMembers of the RECREATE project team

    The five university students behind a project called Recreate didn't expect to win a digital arts project showcase.

    "Absolutely not," said Pedja Ristic, who spoke on behalf of his group.

  2. Mar. 17, 2017University of Waterloo Stratford campus students showcase top final projectsProject Showcase banner image

    Imagine designing an escape room as your university exam.

    That's a reality for one group of students at the University of Waterloo Stratford campus.

  3. Mar. 9, 2017Graduates return with career adviceA panel of four graduates (and one current student) talk about what life is like in the working world of design.

    Design students at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus had the chance to hear from their colleagues who had graduated and gone on to work in the field on Saturday. The panel was one of several organized as part of the BLND Business and Design Party, held at the campus on Saturday, Mar. 4.

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