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Subscription review

Government document and periodicals review

As part of ongoing curation work, we are now embarking on the phase that focuses on print materials in the Dana Porter and Davis Centre libraries: the periodicals and government publications located on Porter’s third and fifth floors respectively, on superseded and duplicate books, and periodicals located in Davis. This work involves systematically identifying and removing items that:

  • Have perpetual electronic access and where electronic format is appropriate
  • Are now in an open-access format
  • Have not circulated over an extended period of time and can be easily obtained through Interlibrary loans
  • No longer meet the teaching and research needs/interests of the UWaterloo community, based on collection policies developed in conjunction with academic departments

See more information about the government document and periodicals review.

Subscription review

To ensure that our collections continue to meet the evolving needs of the University of Waterloo, the Library is currently reviewing our research database and journal subscriptions. This effort also supports working within a sustainable budget.

We are applying the following criteria to our review:

  • current scholarly needs
  • availability of similar or equivalent content
  • usage data

Subscriptions ending

The following subscriptions have been cancelled. For a list of suggested alternatives please follow the links below:

If you have questions or would like more information about the Library's electronic resources, please contact your subject librarian or Annie Bélanger, Associate University Librarian, Information Resources and Academic Excellence,, 519-888-4567, ext. 32882.

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