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Using ebooks

This section of the guide will provide details on the common features of ebook platforms to which the Library subscribes. Information on ebooks and accessibility can be found here.

Number of users allowed

The Library purchases ebooks under a number of different models. The following are the most common:

1 user - Only 1 user at a time is allowed to access a particular book. Depending on the platform you may be able to put a 'hold' on the book and be notified when it is available.

3 users - Up to 3 users at a time are allowed to access a particular book.

Unlimited users - There are no limits to how many users can access a book at the same time.

There are different versions of the above, but these are the most common. If it looks like you should be able to access a title, but can't, look for cues that the book has a limited number of users. See troubleshooting ebooks if you are still encountering problems.


Some ebook platforms will allow you to download ebook content. This functionality differs between providers. Some platforms allow the download of an entire book, where others only allow download by chapter. It is common for an ebook platform to enable download restrictions that limit the amount of content you can download.

It is common for platforms to require you to use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to download content. ADE is free software used to transfer copy-protected ebooks from personal computer to a device. See the Getting started with Digital Editions page for help.

Regardless of platform, once you download the content you no longer need an internet connection to read the content.

User accounts

Most platforms offer the ability to create your own account. User accounts provided by these platforms are often a place where you can save searches, lists of titles, notes, and other information about your preferences on the platform.

Select platforms require you to sign in with an account before downloading, including EBSCOhost eBooks and ProQuest eBook Central.