The Musagetes map gallery allows you to share your GIS work with your fellow students and faculty members, and have your maps featured on the Musagetes Library webpage. Follow this guide to learn how to add content to the Musagetes Library map gallery

Accessing ArcGIS Online

Students, staff, and facutly members of the University of Waterloo have access to Esri ArcGIS software. This includes ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Desktop. To access the Esri license, join the University of Waterloo ArcGIS Online Organization using your WatIAM credentials.

University of Waterloo ArcGIS Online Organization sign-in window

Join the Musagetes Library group

After entering the Home page, all groups can be found under the Groups tab. Groups are organized under three categories: My Groups, Featured Groups, and My Organization's Groups. The Musagetes Library group can be found in My Organization's Groups. Here you can find more information about the group, view all exisiting content, and request to join the group. 

Musagetes Library map gallery group homepage

Once you have become a member of the Musagetes Library group, you can start adding content to the map gallery.

Adding content to the Musagetes Library group

There are multiple ways to add content to the map gallery. Sharing content with the Musagetes Library group will upload the item to the map gallery. Any content that is saved or shared to the ArcGIS Online Organization will be visible under the Content tab. Here, you can select the items you wish to add to the map gallery and use the share function. 

The Share window in the ArcGIS Online Organization

Set the sharing level as Organization and set the group sharing as Musagetes Library, which can found by clicking Edit group sharing.

Note: The Musagetes Library group will only be visible after joining the group.

ArcGIS Online maps

If the map is being made in ArcGIS Online, after the map is saved, the item can be saved directly to the Musagetes Library group from the Map window by clicking the Share function.

ArcGIS Pro maps

Content can also be shared to the Musagetes Library group directy from the ArcGIS Pro application. 

The webmap sharing function in ArcGIS Pro

In ArcGIS Pro, the Web Map and Web Layer functions can be found in the Share menu. 

 Web map function panel in AcGIS Pro

Fill out all the required information and share with the Musagetes Library Group.

Note: For QGIS users, content must be transferred to ArcGIS Pro to be uploaded to the map gallery.

Downloading content

Content seen in the map gallery can also be downloaded through the ArcGIS Online Organization. On the Musagetes Libary group, find the item you wish to download and open the item menu.

Item menu in the Musagetes Library group

Depending on the application being used, choose Open in ArcMap or Open in ArcGIS Pro to download the file. The file will be dowloaded in .pitemx. Double-clicking the downloaded file will open the application.