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Introducing Ian Robson

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

In June, Ian Robson joined the Library as the new Head, Collection Development. Ian came to us from BlackBerry, where he had been the Corporate Librarian since 2010. He has also worked as a Librarian and Information Specialist at the Ontario Public Service and at the National Library of Scotland. Before becoming a Librarian, Ian worked for many years at Scotiabank and also ran his own business.

Ian Robson

Ian Robson, Head, Collection Development, 519-888-4567, ext. 31586.

As the Head, Collection Development, Ian is primarily focused on providing collections leadership, including the negotiation of licenses and contracts. A key role for Ian is facilitating the active review of the collection to ensure that the Library is satisfying numerous, competing, information needs while guaranteeing prudent fiscal management of the acquisitions budget.

He holds an Honours BA in Classics from Dalhousie University, an MSc in Information and Library Studies from Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, Scotland), and a Professional Learning Certificate from the iSchool in Information Management. As a polyglot, he has reading knowledge of Latin, French, Ancient Greek, and German.

Ian brings considerable strengths and experience to the position. His strong stakeholder focus, project leadership, vendor relationship and negotiation skills, as well as his experience with collection analysis and budgets, will be key for the Library and its continuing evolving work in regards to collection development, analysis, acquisitions, and licensing.

When asked what he has enjoyed most about being part of the Library, Ian said: “the welcoming culture where every question receives an in-depth answer through the medium of an Abbot and Costello montage of history and knowledge.”

When not at work, you will often find Ian in his kitchen covered in flour and up to his elbows in bread dough, or tossing handfuls of hops into a brew pot. He’s also an incorrigible Montreal Canadiens fan, but please try not to hold that against him.

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