A resource that supports us all: Giving Tuesday matching donor encourages donations to the Library

Monday, November 20, 2023

A picture of Don Cowan staring directly at the camera viewDon Cowan (MSC ’61, PHD ’65), distinguished Professor Emeritus and Director of the Computer Systems Group at the University of Waterloo, has returned for a second year to be the Library’s matching donor this Giving Tuesday.

As a faculty member, Dr. Cowan has firsthand experience of the vital role the Library plays in the scholarship and research happening at Waterloo. This Giving Tuesday, he is matching donations to the University of Waterloo Library Fund.

“After the success of last Giving Tuesday, it was important for me to continue to support the Library. What better place to support in celebration of community generosity, than a library? A welcoming space for all, an important resource for students as they navigate their university experience, a champion of information literacy and navigation in an increasingly complex world. A thriving library supports us all.”

Don is one of the earliest pioneers of computer science at Waterloo. After completing multiple degrees at the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo, he began his teaching career at Waterloo in the 1960s and was appointed Founding Chair of the computer science department. Responsible for major research projects, supervision, and educating and engaging young people, Don’s mark on the University and its students is immeasurable.

Don continues to innovate in the field of computer science, currently focused on the design and implementation of web-based and mobile software systems to lower the technological barriers for entry. This research has produced the Web Informatics Development Environment (WIDE) technologies and toolkit that supports many partner organizations in areas such as volunteerism, environment, socioeconomic development, population health, and Indigenous affairs.

The University of Waterloo Library Fund

This diverse fund supports emerging opportunities that empower students to thrive in a complex information age. Supporting the development of strong information navigation and assessment skills are a cornerstone of the Library’s mission, as is providing a welcoming community space for learning and collaboration. Services, resources and programs supported with gifts to this fund prepare students to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Support the Library this Giving Tuesday

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