UWaterloo RefWorks migrates to an American server

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RefWorks logoOn May 5 at noon, all University of Waterloo RefWorks accounts will be migrated to RefWorks’ main servers in the United States.

Will the migration affect my RefWorks account?

There is an anticipated downtime window of several hours while the account data is migrated, during which time no one will be able to access RefWorks. All references, folders, attachments, and shares will be fully intact after the migration is complete. 

Where do I go to access my migrated RefWorks account?

Once migrated, we will have a new URL to access RefWorks: http://www.refworks.com/refworks. A redirect will be put in place from the University of Waterloo Library’s website. You will need to update any bookmarks/favourites.

Will I have to use a group code to log into my account?

No, the group code is no longer needed to access your RefWorks account.  In order to eliminate the group code, we now enforce the need for a unique login name. Your current login credentials will work, unless your current login name is already in use by another RefWorks user. If that is the case, you may receive a separate email notifying you of this with details on how to access your account and adjust your username. 

Will RefWorks function the same?

One of the benefits of moving to the RefWorks U.S. servers is that you can now take advantage of some updated features that were not available on the Canadian-based ScholarsPortal server, including the removal of the group code for log in. 

Do I need to install Write-n-Cite again on my computer?

Yes. Write-N-Cite (now called ProQuest for Word) will need to be re-installed.

Please uninstall your current version and go to Tools, Write-N-Cite in your new RefWorks account to download the latest version of ProQuest for Word. NOTE: Before installation of your new Word Plug-in, take a moment to ensure that your computer has the latest update for the following programs:                                                    

These programs are core programs to your operating system; however, they may be out-of-date.

The above instructions are for the newest version of Write-n-cite (Write-n-cite IV).  If you are currently running Write-n-cite III and would like to continue doing so, it will still be available.

What if I still have questions?

Please ask. We are available to help you throughout this migration. While we do not expect any problems, feel free to let us know if things are not behaving the way you expect.

We have also notified the various computing offices on campus. If you use RefWorks on a University of Waterloo computer and Write-n-cite is not working, please contact your system administrator.

Interested in learning more about RefWorks? The library offers hand-on training sessions every semester.

For more information, please contact:
Your UWaterloo RefWorks team
Tim Ireland & Sandra Keys

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