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Folio 76rDetailed manuscript information (based on Ernest Langlois, Les manuscrits du Roman de la rose. Description et classement, Geneva: Slatkine Reprints, 1974, p. 61-62):

Parchment, measure: 330x236mm, 216fols, two columns at 38 lines. Beginning of second folio: Que j'oy près d'ilecques bruire (or the following verse added at the top margin: Car je ne sceuz ailleurs deduire). The Roman appears on fols 2-175r, followed by the Testament on fols 177r-206r written in one rubric in 530 quatrains, followed by the Codicille on fols 207r-v and the Sept articles de la foi on fols 208r-214r. Fols 1 and 176 are blank, fols 214-216 contain numerous reflexions in verse and prose, in Latin and French on the Roman and the Testament.

*By far the most richly decorated and realistic of this group of miniatures.

Scene depicted

Jealous husband beats his wife, while neighbours attempt to pull him away.  Only one other miniature includes the neighbours in the visual program: WAM, Ms. W. 143, fol. 62v.

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