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Folio 91vDetailed manuscript information (based on Pierpont Morgan Library Catalogue MSS. 1906, no. 112):

Vellum, measure 8x5.5", 1 + 189 fols, two columns 34 lines. This manuscript contains the Roman de la rose (fols 1-156r), the Testament (fols 158r-189v) by Jean de Meun.

Scene depicted

The Duenna presents a chaplet to Fair Welcoming, who is in the castle/prison.


  1. Inscription on fol. 158: Johannes Marous (ca. 1525)
  2. Inscription on first folio: Pierre Vischer de Bâle (1773)
  3. Ex-libris: Bought 20 June 1995 by William Morris
  4. Inscription on fly-leaf, and ex-libris: Richard Bennett collection, 1897.

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