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Folio 30rDetailed manuscript information (based on Helen M. Gardens and Gardening in The Bulletin of the New York Public Library, 1927, 31:3):

Vellum, measure: 8.5x11.5", 172 fols, two columns, 40 lines. The text of Guillaume de Lorris ends on fol. 29r, Jean de Meun's continuation ends on fol. 144r. This is followed by his Testament, fols 145r-171v and the Codicile, fols 171v-172r.

Scene depicted
Lady Reason descends from her tower to meet the Lover in order to instruct him in the art of love.


  1. Inscription on both sides of covers: François Rousseau le Jeune (XVIth century)
  2. Inscription on inside of cover: Duchemin de Villiers (XVIIIth century).

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