Areas of Research

We have particularly large and active clusters of research in the following:

Our officially approved fields are:

Language, Logic, and Metaphysics

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

Ethics and Political Philosophy

  • Dave DeVidi (disability theory)
  • Mathieu Doucet (moral psychology, applied ethics, and public policy)
  • Carla Fehr (feminist philosophy of science)
  • Jacqueline Feke (history of science and ethics)
  • Katy Fulfer (applied ethics, feminist philosophy, and the study of Hannah Arendt)
  • Chris Lowry (social and political philosophy, disability and justice, and bioethics)
  • Patricia Marino (ethics, and philosophy of sex and love)
  • Brian Orend (human rights, just war theory, happiness and philosophy of illness)
  • Katie Plaisance (feminist philosophy of science)
  • Jennifer Saul (feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, and the ethics of deception)

Philosophy of Science and Mathematics