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Areas of Research

The department's officially recognized areas of specialization are:

  • Language, Logic and Metaphysics: non-classical logics, philosophical logic, the nature of knowledge and assertion, pragmatics, pragmatism, and the history of metaphysics.
  • Ethics and Political Philosophy: moral epistemology, feminism, just war theory, human rights, bioethics, and sexual ethics.
  • Philosophy of Science and Mathematics: philosophy of physics, history of science, medical explanation, the applicability of mathematics, mathematical pluralism, values in science, science and policy, and feminist philosophy of science.
  • Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science: reasoning, moral psychology, mental representation, and theoretical neuroscience.

Our faculty engage in research on a wide range of applied and interdisciplinary topics, including:

  • Ethics, Justice and Social Policy: distribution of global health resources, ethical issues in scientific and medical research, the ethics of sport, sexual objectification, just war theory, autonomy and disability.
  • Science and Society: science policy, public understanding of science and technology, values in science, feminist philosophy of science, and the social structure of scientific communities.
  • Interdisciplinary:research intersections with neuroscience, psychology, computer science, physics, biology, sociology, environmental science, linguistics, international studies, and classics.

Several faculty members in our Department are also affiliated with other research programs and institutes.