How do I view my online course exam schedule?

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Click Enroll.
    student's student centre academics tab, arrow pointing to enroll link
  3.  Click exam information.
    enroll tab, arrow pointing to exam information
  4. If prompted, select the term and then click CONTINUE.
  5. Under each online class you're enrolled in for the term, you'll find an exam schedule link. Online classes are section 081, 082, 083, etc. Click Exam Schedule below the class you wish to view.example student class schedule with HIST 200 - History & Film, with section number circled and an arrow pointing to exam schedule link
  6. Your personalized exam schedule will be displayed. You'll see different information display during each of the three different time periods during the term:
    1. Period 1 – the first month of term, only your exam center will be displayed.
    2. Period 2 – approximately four to six weeks into the term, more details will be displayed (e.g., the exam time, its duration and permitted aids, and the Exam Centre address). 
    3. Period 3 – approximately four to six weeks before the exam date, changes to your exam arrangements are not permitted.