Waterloo’s Canada Research Chairs

We are proud to welcome researchers from diverse backgrounds to the University of Waterloo. We are committed to fostering an equitable environment so that everyone can thrive. 

D. George Dixon, Vice-President Academic & Provost 

Waterloo currently has 74 Chair positions that are distributed to the Faculties based on Tri-agency funding. With our 74 position allocations, we are utilizing 78 positions through flexibility moves.

  Allocation Utilization Vacant
Total 74 78 13
Tier 1 37 29 1
Tier 2 41 49 12

Date modified: April 2019

Job postings

Please note: You must be nominated by your department for a CRC position. 

Applications under development

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Applications submitted to the Canada Research Chairs Program

  • CRC Tier 2 in Energy Transitions 
  • CRC Tier 1 in Zero Emission Vehicles and Hydrogen Energy Systems 
  • CRC Tier 1 in Privacy Enhancing Technologies 
  • CRC Tier 2 in Redox-Sensitive Metal Isotope Geochemistry 
  • CRC Tier 2 in Clinical Psychology, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor 

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Active Chairholders

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