We are proud to welcome researchers from diverse backgrounds to the University of Waterloo. We are committed to fostering an equitable environment so that everyone can thrive. 

– D. George Dixon, Vice-President Academic & Provost 

Waterloo currently has 74 Chair positions that are distributed to the Faculties based on Tri-agency funding. With our 74 position allocations, we are utilizing 78 positions through flexibility moves.

  Allocation Utilization Vacant
Total 74 78 13
Tier 1 37 29 1
Tier 2 41 49 12

Date modified: November 2019

Job postings

Please note: You must be nominated by your department for a CRC position. 

Applications under development

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Applications submitted to the Canada Research Chairs Program

  • CRC Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Systems 
  • CRC Tier 1 in Architecture 
  • CRC Tier 2 in Gender and Politics 
  • CRC Tier 2 in Environment and Sustainability

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Active Chairholders


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