Steel Bridge Team

University of Waterloo Steel Bridge Team
The Steel Bridge Design Team is a team dedicated to teaching real world steel design skills to students. The team's focus is on designing, fabricating, and competing with a modular steel bridge at an annual international competition. The design portion requires creativity and a quick mind, with upper year team members helping to teach technical skills along the way. The fabrication team uses welders, mills, saws, and grinders to fabricate each module of the bridge. Finally, the timed construction component requires athleticism and finesse to build the bridge under pressure. In the end, it all comes together to support 2500 lbs.

You can expect to gain valuable and marketable skills in steel and bridge design and fabrication. Along the way, you'll be using real design codes, handbooks, and computer software that you can expect to find in any design office. You can also expect to gain a number of soft skills, including team management, scheduling, creativity, and teamwork. The entire team experience will improve your interpersonal and technical skills beyond what you would find in a classroom.