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Waterloo Formula Electric is a student-run team based out of the Sedra Student Design Centre dedicated to designing, engineering and racing innovative hybrid/electric vehicles. The team competes annually at the International Formula Hybrid and/or at the Formula SAE Electric competitions. These competitions require university students to integrate a hybrid or electric powertrain in a high-performance Formula-style vehicle and compete with teams from other universities from around the world.

The Waterloo Formula Electric team (previously Waterloo Hybrid) was formed in 2011 to address three major issues facing modern society:

  1. Creating the next generation of highly efficient vehicle technology;
  2. Developing highly-skilled, well-rounded engineering students to be the leaders of tomorrow, and
  3. Developing strong community relations to aid the growth of STEM education.

Based on its goals and means of achieving them, Waterloo Formula Electric strives to not only lead in the competitions it participates in but also develop a team that is on its way of becoming a staple of design teams from the University of Waterloo.

Since 2011, the team has grown from five engineering students to over 60. The team operates across both A and B streams, enforcing strict technical developmental strategies such as CAD training, PDM and PLM training and FEA training. Using this fundamental system to strengthen its members, the team is able to custom design many of the electric vehicle sub-systems such as in-hub electric motors, high voltage accumulator system, push-rod suspension, battery management system, torque vectoring and distribution as well as aerodynamics packages.

Since 2011, the team has competed in numerous competitions. In 2015, the team placed 1st in the Formula Hybrid Competition in Hybrid Drive Class. Waterloo Formula Electric has consistently placed top 10 and has received many accolades for its innovative vehicle designs. As a result, the team is continuously improving itself to obtain the competitive edge over its competition.

If you are interested in the advancement of electric vehicle technology and would like to become a Waterloo Formula Electric team member, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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