WatSub Team

Simple lines WatSub logo in yellow and black

The Waterloo Submarine Racing Team (or WatSub for short) is the 1st human-powered submarine racing team established in Ontario, and one of the very few active teams in Canada. 

The team was officially introduced to the Student Design Centre in February 2015, and with UW’s pioneering spirit, the team provides students of all disciplines with hands-on and innovative opportunities in a field very rarely explored.

The underwater challenge involves designing, marketing, manufacturing, testing, and racing a human-powered submarine in competitions around the globe on a yearly basis. Every step in this process is carried out by students, who develop technical, creative, and leadership skills beyond what is taught in classrooms.

The team is currently competing in the International Submarine Races (US) and the European International Submarine Races (UK).

Watsub photo