Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team

Midnight Sun
Since its creation in 1988, the Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team has consistently pushed the envelope to produce a long line of highway-capable solar vehicles. As part of its mission, the team has continued to promote the research and development of sustainable energy technologies. Midnight Sun alumni have gone on to bring the passion and experience developed on the team to make real impacts in the industry.

Our project scope spans most mechanical, electrical, and business aspects of automotive engineering, providing opportunities to students from all faculties to develop their skills and pursue their passions. Midnight Sun’s mechanical team is responsible for everything from the vehicle frame and aerobody to brakes, steering and the suspension. As a solar-electric vehicle, our vehicles are equipped with advanced embedded electronic control units and power distribution systems, designed and tested by the electrical team. Finally, Midnight Sun’s dynamic business team is responsible for most organizational duties including public and industry relations, graphic design and publishing of team content, planning complex race logistics, and managing the team’s finances.

Midnight Sun proudly represents the University of Waterloo and Canada at both the American Solar Challenge and the World Solar Challenge. These races showcase the design and performance of solar-electric vehicles from universities and colleges around the globe and Midnight Sun strives to bring innovative vehicles designs to the world stage.

Our team is driven by highly motivated individuals with a passion for our work and an aptitude for learning. We take pride in the growth and development of our members, many of whom have pursued related careers at companies including Tesla, Toyota, and Apple.