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Waterloo Rocketry is an interest held by many, but few have the resources to take it up. If that sounds like you, then fear not, because Waterloo Rocketry has you covered. This team is a gathering of passionate, talented, and hardworking students who somehow can figure out how to build a rocket but struggle to agree on where to go for lunch. With a size that surprises many, the rocket typically stands as tall as your average African Elephant. In helping to build this rocket, you can gain valuable hands on experience and knowledge in one of the most demanding engineering fields.

Waterloo rocketry team raises their rocket in preparation of launch

The Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition is the world’s largest gathering of undergraduate rocketry teams, with representation from countries all over the world. It is held annually in the desert of the southwestern United States. The team designs, builds, tests, and flies a rocket which carries a 10 pound payload to an altitude between 10 000 and 23 000 feet. Each team is judged on their flights proximity to the altitude target, the success of their parachute recovery, the quality of their operations, and the construction of their rocket.

Waterloo Rocketry can be found at E5-1008. The team performs engine tests just behind E5, making incredibly loud noises which have previously caused people to run in fear.

Canada and the University of Waterloo are both proudly represented by the Waterloo Rocketry Team. The team is always looking for devoted members, so feel free to reach out!

Rocketry team photo