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Celebrating 3rd annual DataFest competition at the University of Waterloo

Monday, May 13, 2019

Datafest group photo with students and faculty 50 undergraduate students took part analyzing and applying data in the 48 hour on campus 2019 ASA DataFest competition earlier this month. Globally, over 2,000 students partake in this competition at several of the most prestigious colleges and universities including the University of Waterloo.

4 students in a group looking at there laptopsIn two consecutive days, students worked all day and night to put their data analysis skills to the test with complex datasets that differ in many ways to what they would normally be exposed to in class. After analyzing the data groups could only present two slides within five minutes to convince the judges that the conclusions they drew from the data were deserving of one of three titles: Best Insight, Best Use of External Data, or Best Data Visualization.

The winners of this year's competition are:

Alegbros with facultyBest Insight: "Algebros"

Rihao Kang, Yumin Lin, Dylan Lee, Emmy Li, Alexandre Xiao

Divide and Conquer with facultyBest Use of External Data: "Divide and Conquer"

Varnan Sarangian, Jeff Won, Ryan Leon, Alex Robson

MuMuMu with facultyBest Data Visualization: “MuMuMu”

Zhen He Liu, Yu Li, Justin Jun Yin Ip, Malcolm Lin

Water without loo and facultyHonourable Mention: “Water Without Loo”

Bingfan Liu, Wai Keat Tan, John Fernandes, Richard Hu, Muhammad Noman Siddiqui<--break->

Girl smiling by her laptopStudents are provided hands on experience that showcase collaboration, creativity, and development of critical and analytic skills – but most of all, students get to have fun!

An exciting interactive panel discussion for students to gain insight into the world of data science directly from industry representatives was featured this year. They shared valuable tips on hiring expectations, skills needed, and future trends.

<--break->ASA Datafest is a unique opportunity that gives aspiring data scientists a leg up on industry expectations after leaving the University of Waterloo. Gaining great experience and advice, students find valuable takeaways from this annual competition.<--break->

Students talking in front of their laptopsStudents talking in front of their laptopsStudents talking in front of their laptops

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