Funding your education

Minimum Funding

Students in our research-based programs are funded via a combination of Teaching Assistantships, scholarships/awards, and supervisor support such as Graduate Research Assistantships/Studentships. Part time students and students in coursework or professional programs, such as the MActSc and MQF, do not receive funding.

Full-time MMath students in good academic standing are guaranteed funding for one year (3 academic terms). This is normally comprised of two TA units per term. 

Full-time PhD students in good academic standing are guaranteed funding for four years (12 academic terms). This is normally comprised of two TA units per term for the first six terms, and some combination of TA units/supervisor support thereafter.

Once accepted to your program your offer letter will contain the details of the funding you will receive. 


Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TA)

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (TA) positions are held by a qualified student to assist a faculty member with instructional responsibilities. A separate application is not required  to be a TA. Your offer letter will indicate how may TA positions you are guaranteed throughout your program (research-based programs only). 


Graduate Research Assistantship

Graduate Research Assistantship (RA) positions are held by a qualified student who performs specific research duties under the supervision of one or more faculty members. The student completes tasks on a fixed schedule and reports progress to the supervisor(s). Duties and assigned tasks may be routine or advanced but normally fall outside the scope of the student’s research.

Graduate Research Studentship

A Graduate Research Studentship (GRS) directly supports students in research-based graduate programs. The academic supervisor(s) provide advice to the student and guide their progress towards the requirements of their degree on a schedule that best suits the interests of the student’s advancement.


Additional funding opportunities

In addition to the minimum funding there are awards and scholarships that require a separate application. Review the links below for more information. 


Arranging your fees

Each term that you are actively enrolled you need to become 'fees arranged' in order to have your  scholarship, bursary, award, and/or GRS funding released. Not being fees arranged on time will also lead to a hold on your student account that can prevent you from accessing some campus services. 

Even if your anticipated financial aid will fully cover your tuition there are still steps you need to take to obtain 'fees arranged' status. Follow the process as outlined on the student financial services website: how to become fees arranged

In most cases you will be required to submit a promissory note to use your anticipated aid to cover your fees.