Teaching assistants roles and responsibilities

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Statistics and Actuarial Science (SAS) Teaching Assistants (TA) play a vital role in the success of our courses. Through various assigned tasks, TAs support student learning and the delivery of course content.


SAS TAs are assigned up to two course units with each unit involving up to 80 hours of work. The work assigned will vary week-by-week. All SAS TAs are required to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in Policy 30 and the Letter of Appointment(s) they are provided when assigned their teaching assistantship(s). This includes but is not limited to the following expectations:

  • Communicating consistently
  • Following the instructions/requirements by the instructor and/or Instructional Support Coordinator
  • Completing the required work by the stated deadline(s)
  • Partaking in the Mathematics Undergraduate Office (MUO) pool proctoring
  • Maintaining satisfactory academic standing
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all student information

*Our SAS TA handbook which can be found on our Resources page (link to Resources section) provides further information and details on TA duties and expectations.

TA Duties:

Assigned duties will vary between courses and terms. The list below is not exhaustive. It outlines the main responsibilities of TAs, but you can be assigned work outside of this list within reason whereby it still aligns with Policy 30.

  • Proctoring
  • Marking
  • Office Hours
  • Discussion Forum Monitoring
  • Leading Tutorials

*Please note: All SAS TAs are assigned 3.5 hours per TA unit to the MUO’s pool proctoring.

Head TA:

Certain courses in SAS require additional higher-level support and can result in a head TA being assigned. A head TA can have the following responsibilities:

  • Review TA marking
  • Respond to remark request emails
  • Review discussion forum responses by other TAs
  • Provide feedback on instructor’s assessment materials

*A head TA is required to have completed at least a level 3 designation in our TA training program to be assigned this role. 

TA Coordinator:

To support the TA program, a TA coordinator may be assigned as a TA unit for a graduate student. The coordinator can have the following responsibilities:

  • Assist in running SAS workshops
  • Develop and/or update training materials
  • Observe Level 3 practicums
  • Maintain records

*A TA coordinator is required to have completed the Foundations in University Teaching in Statistics and Actuarial Science training program to be assigned this role .